About Us

Unilatex.com was founded with the intention of a global change in the area of condoms and biotechnology products, with enhancing quality and a reliable price for clients.

With a diverse range of products and manufacturing agreements with leading global manufacturers (joint ventures), the UNILATEX GROUP was established.

Under the principles of harmony and innovation, within the so-called “global village”, our Group was founded with the goal of providing high quality products in the healthcare area, which, on the one hand, is a broad environment, and, on the other hand, is extraordinarily rich because of the possible satisfaction that our team can get by providing high quality products in order to improve the living standards of the world population.

In joint venture with diverse global manufacturers, we have been able to produce low cost products with well-recognised global quality, with Unilatex acting as global distributor and importer-exporter.

In order to support programmes in family planning and reproductive health throughout the world, our group puts emphasis on providing to firms, governments and organisations the best quality condoms at the most competitive prices (for vending machines, wholesale markets, health services and international distribution), by offering them the highest quality latex in global markets (European technology + Malaysian superior latex).

Our zero defect condoms are manufactured from the highest quality rubber latex and raw materials with advanced European Technology.

Our products meet all the international standards (ISO manufacturing norms), as most of them are CE marked.

Over 40% of the employed staff has completed masters and doctorate degrees in areas of science and technology from prestigious universities all over the world. By consistently investing resources in staff training and technological development, our company is constantly building a superb team of professionals in quality control, production, management, and international distribution operations.

Testing all venereal diseases is another step in the area of healthcare. Our group has developed the highest quality diagnostic test kits (some are CE marked, manufactured under ISO 13485 norms) for detecting the aforementioned diseases (HIV, malaria test, hepatitis B tests), and for pregnancy (HCG) and ovulation(LH), as a way to align with governments and organisations globally.

Our future plans include product diversification with strong marketing expansion into North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and other in-demand markets.

Health is the most important thing in life, and if a person feels perfectly in the pink, he or she will be much more successful in all that he or she does. We aspire to make life easier for all of you.

Thank you for using our range of products.

The Technology

Highest Advanced European Condom Manufacturing Machines

Our condoms are manufactured under the highest quality standards, using the best latex of Malaysia in combination with the highest advanced German technology, starting from the dipping lines for getting the highest quality naked condoms, and by continuing the steps of the production, with the hole tester machine (technology of zero defect condom); then sealed by new European based sealing machines, and tested with new generation equipment of laboratory tools.

All together, our highly skilled Management makes our condoms to a top seller ready for global distribution.

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