The world is concerned about the spread of AIDS and other venereal diseases. We share this global concern, and we have developed the highest advanced contraceptive methods, through our highest quality latex condoms.

UNILATEX condoms are manufactured with the highest quality latex on the planet in combination with the highest Advanced European Latex Technology.

Our condoms are CE marked, manufactured under ISO 13485 norms.

In joint venture with diverse global manufacturers, our group has gathered under its roof a group of the finest scientists and specialists majoring in the field of bio-medical technology (biotechnology) to develop outstanding methods in manufacturing rapid diagnostic test kits (In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) products).

Our effort has been oriented to develop colloidal gold one-step tests and membrane medical tests that are markedly different from other manufacturers in their superior material selection, advanced manufacturing and reliable quality control, all of which, including low cost, have contributed to our Company’s great advantage over our competitors.

Most of our diagnostic tests are CE marked and manufactured under ISO 13485 norms.