Vibrasex Vibrating Ring

The sexual vibrating ring is designed to provide you and your partner with maximum stimulation and pleasure in a small and compact single use unit.


1) A groundbreaking invention that increases pleasure through vibration during love making.

2) Specially designed stimulator can stimulate female clitoris for reaching climax; can be used for making love.

3) The size is perfect to fill the gap between the tip of the penis and a woman’s G-spot.

4) This massaging vibrator performs 3 times of period, vibrating can last 25-35 minutes.

5) That can provide gentle stimulation to the penis, the passion minute will help maintain a strong erection for longer periods of time.

6) This product is made with high food quality SEBS. It falls under the 2004/108/EC Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility. Having passed the international Laboratory Safety Testing Standard, the material used will not cause any damage to health.

Unit Packing:

  • Coloured Box (Size 60 x 17 x 60 mm)
  • 36 pcs. per outer box. 648 packs of 1 per carton

Sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, sex shops and vending sectors (vending machine also available).

Very easy to use, with or without a condom.