Ultrasonic Latex Probe Covers (Transducer)

Non-Sterile Latex Bulk Packed Probe Covers (34 mm width and 200 mm Length)

  • Endocavity
  • Non-sterile
  • Contains latex

Manufactured from the highest quality of latex, with the best and more advanced European Technology, our ultrasonic probe covers (for abdominal and vaginal use) are a high quality standard guarantee, CE 0086 marked (class IIa, Medical Devices 93/42 EU Directive).

This probe cover is made of natural rubber latex sheath which is used on probes of Ultrasound Imaging System, especially those used in abdominal imaging.

This probe cover is straight-walled with smooth surface, round-ended and its features are closely related to condom.

A line of the finest quality latex probe covers for the ultrasound professional. Provides optimum fit and protects your ultrasound probes and transducers with Latex probe cover.

Disposable ultrasound probe covers provides hygienic protection for patient and doctor during ultrasonic examinations. It is made of high quality natural rubber latex using exclusive German condom technology. Diameter of 34 mm and length of 200mm. Packed in individual aluminium foil or in bulk(non foiled) and in a dispenser box of 100's. Allows accurate ultrasound detection to be performed. Hygienic and convenient.

  • Latex
  • 34mm D x 200mm L -Condom size
  • Non-Lubricated
  • Non-Sterile
  • Rolled
  • Rounded End
  • Transducer- Vaginal/Rectal
  • Dispenser Box of 100
  • Shelf life: 5 years