Anti-HIV ELISA kit

We supply OEM: Private label ELISA HIV test for several clients in South America, Africa and Asia, some of the them are the biggest pharmaceutical and laboratory groups in their respective countries and some other are the biggest supermarket chains.

**"These products are not distributed in the European Union. They do not bear the CE marking as they have not undergone the conformity assessment procedures of the European Directive 98/79/EC, for in vitro medical devices".

An HIV ELISA, sometimes called an HIV enzyme immunoassay (EIA) is the first and most basic test to determine if an individual is positive for a selected pathogen, such as HIV.

The test is performed in a 8 cm x 12 cm plastic plate which contains an 8 x 12 matrix of 96 wells, each of which are about 1 cm high and 0.7 cm in diameter.


The ELISA method

Partially purified, inactivated HIV antigens pre-coated onto an ELISA plate

Patient serum which contains antibodies. If the patient is HIV+, then this serum will contain antibodies to HIV, and those antibodies will bind to the HIV antigens on the plate.

Anti-human immunoglobulin coupled to an enzyme. This is the second antibody, and it binds to human antibodies.

Chromogen or substrate which changes color when cleaved by the enzyme attached to the second antibody.

ELISA Detail