Ciriano Global Unilatex is the Medical Division and distributing channel of the Spanish company: CIRIANO GLOBAL S.L. with headquarters in Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain) founded in the early of the 21st. century by: MR. IGNACIO (NACHO) CIRIANO VELA.

Unilatex is a condoms (Class 10) trademark registered by CIRIANO GLOBAL S.L. in Europe and in the USA. CIRIANO GLOBAL S.L. is a distributor (not a manufacturer) as we subcontract diverse factories in Malaysia for making our product Unilatex.

Under the principles of harmony and innovation, within the so-called "global village", our company was founded with the goal of providing high quality products in the healthcare area, which, on the one hand, it´s a broad environment, and, on the other hand, it´s extraordinarily rich because of the possible satisfactions that our team can get in providing high quality products in order to improve the living standars of the world population, as a main social goal. In joint venture with diverse global manufacturers, we have been able to get a low cost product with well recognized global quality.

Following the goal of supporting programms in family planning and reproductive health throughout the world, our group puts emphasis in providing to firms, governments and organisations the best quality condoms at the most competitive prices (for vending machines, wholesale markets, health services and international distribution),by offering UNILATEX CONDOMS, manufactured with the highest quality of latex (Malaysian superior latex) in global markets in combination with the latest vanguardist European technology, of "zero defect condom”.

Our products meet all the international standards (ISO manufacturing norms), as most of them are CE marked (Condoms, all sexual products (VIBRASEX, UNILATEX GEL and UNILATEX VIBRATOR), and almost all In Vitro Diagnostic Test kits range.

Testing all venereal diseases is another step on the area of healthcare.

We market the highest quality OEM private label diagnostic test kits (the majority of them are CE marked, as manufactured under ISO 13485 norms) for detecting the aforementioned diseases (Diabetes, HIV, malaria test, hepatitis test, etc...), as for fertility and drug of abuse test, as a way to approach to Medical companies, Governments and organisations all over the world.

Health is the most important thing in life, as if a person feels perfectly, he/she will be much more successful in all that he/she does. We contribute to make life easier for you all.